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Welcome to the Hammurapi Group!

Every day our lives become more and more dependent on software systems. And such systems and technologies which they are built with become more and more complex. Demand for software developers constantly increases and is not met by the supply.

Products and solutions of Hammurapi Group aim to make development in Java language more robust.

  • Hammurapi code review system captures coding best practices and delivers them to developers' fingertips. It also generates consolidated reports for lead developers, architects, and managers to monitor codebase quality and evolution.
  • jIncarnate lets data modelers to concentrate on modeling and optimized SQL, then it generates a robust data access layer, which can be used by Java developers without deep knowledge of JDBC.
  • Hammurapi rules brings forward and backward chaining inference to Java. It allows to break complex problems into smaller steps without introducing a specialized rules language. 


Hammurapi Group