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Stop Hibernating! jIncarnate!


jIncarnate generates data access and data transfer Java classes and interfaces from database and SQL statements metadata. jIncarnate significantly reduces amount of  hand-crafted code in a Java application. It also obviates SQL text and table or column names mixed into Java code. By doing so it shortens development cycle, and makes application more robust by eliminating connection leaks and runtime errors caused by typos in SQL statements and names of database objects (e.g. column names).
jIncarnate is also a means for better collaboration and separation of concerns between data modelers and Java developers. 

jIncarnate includes a rules-based code generation framework. The rules-based code generation framework is wired into the SQL Compiler generation process, which allows extending generation capabilities by adding templates and rules. The framework can also be used independently.

The rules-based code generation framework allows implementing complex generation processes from source models without complex and difficult to maintain templates. The generation process can be split into small easy to manage steps, each having its own template(s) and logic. The framework supports multiple template languages, allowing to choose language most appropriate for particular generation step.

Out of the box the framework supports Velocity, Java (BeanShell), JSP syntax (JXP), and simple token expansion.

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