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New in version 5.7.0

  • XML language module.
  • Compiled WSDL and J2EE descriptors XML schemas.
  • Web application descriptor inpsector.
  • Java language elements provide access to comments.
  • JavaDoc comments parser.
  • JavaDoc inspector.
  • 7 new Java inspectors.
  • Eclipse plug-in deletes Hammurapi problem markers when Hammurapi nature is disabled.
  • New installation framework allows third-party modules to contribute to file system, database and web application descriptor during installation.
  • Number of enhancements in Java inspectors.
  • Token expansion in inspectors descriptors.
  • New method in Inspectors to report inspector configuration.
  • Report displays inspectors configuration.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Inspector sets in Ant task can load classes from remote locations.
  • Review sub-task supports classpath attribute and nested elements for class resolution.
  • Ant sub-task to delete old scans and reports.
  • Web page with web application metrics.
  • JMX monitoring of long-running reviews.

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